To get We Are Infinity up and running, we will make you a custom gift with a homemade card from us for every £10 you donate! All gifts will be free of charge, however due to the high cost of international shipping we will have to charge for postage and packaging if you live outside of the UK.

How to donate:

1. First, please fill out this form and email it to with the subject "Donation", using the email address that you use on your PayPal account. This is so we can tell who you are when we recieve the actual donation.

Amount of donation:
Favourite things:
Type of gift you would like:

Feel free to send us any extra information about yourself as it will help us make the gift to your taste! You can be as specific as you like, or even request a complete surprise.

2. Then, please send the amount you wish to donate to via PayPal, the safest way to make a donation.

As soon as we recieve your donation, we will begin making your homemade present as a thank you! Gifts can be anything such as jewellery, t-shirts, head-wear, etc. and we will make it to your specifications or give you a surprise. Every item we make at We Are Infinity is individual, and so each present will be different.

 3. Once you have recieved your gift, please email us at to let us know you have recieved your present and what you think of it!

4. If you have taken any photos of your gift please email us them at for a chance to have them feature on our feedback page, next to your name with a link to any website or blog you may own.

What your donation will go towards:

Please note: 

  •  Since we are hand-making these as individual items that are suited to you, they may take a week or so to prepare, so please be patient with us while waiting for your gift.
  • If you do live outside of the UK and are making a donation, we will arrange payment for postage and packaging as we want your gift to arrive safely and quickly!